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50 Word Bio

Harried Americans Roadshows are smarty-pants, loosey-goosey, Americana FUN – with a DC twist! With topical original songs about politicians and social issues, 1960’s sing-alongs, and new takes on old standards from the Great American Songbook, you’ll have a laid-back good ol’ time.

75 Word Bio

Harried Americans Roadshows are smarty-pants, loosey-goosey Americana FUN – with a DC twist! Featuring topical songs by singer/songwriter Chris Anderson (winner, GRAMMY™ In the Streets, Baltimore, 2003) about politicians or gerrymandering and 1960’s sing-alongs led by emcee/drummer Ron Goad (seven time WAMMIE winner.) Bassists Graham Drew or CW Willis and keyboardist Mark Johnson bring a new take on the Great American Songbook to keep keep audiences engaged and happy.

100 Word Bio

The Harried Americans are singer/songwriter Chris Anderson (GRAMMY™ In the Streets winner) on guitar/ and harmonica, emcee/drummer Ron Goad (seven time WAMMIE winner,) keyboardist Mark Johnson and bassist C.W. Willis. With a repertoire that includes 1960’s sing-alongs, contemporary folk songs and new takes on old standards from the Great American Songbook, their shows are smarty-pants Americana fun! Their monthly second Saturday Harried Americans Roadshow at the Epicure Cafe in Fairfax, Virginia includes guest artists, comedians and poets – with a DC area twist – original songs and wisecracks about politics and current events

Individual Members

Chris Anderson – Singer/Songwriter

Chris Anderson (BMI) – Guitar/Harmonica/Mandola
Singer/songwriter Chris Anderson is founder and managing member of “Harried Americans Roadshow” began playing guitar and harmonica in Northern Virginia clubs in the 1980’s making the switch to church bands during the 1990’s. In 2003, she won a “GRAMMY™ in the Streets” award from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) and Broadcast Music International (BMI) for a demo of her song “Their Leader” from her Christmas project “WAiT – it’s a Musical!” 

Cornelius “CW” Willis – Bass

Cornelius “C.W.” Willis – Bass
Cornelius “C.W.” Willis has been influenced by Motown Bassist James Jamerson, the Memphis sound and players Larry Graham and Stanley Clark.  A mostly self-taught musician, he’s studied music theory, upright bass and taken classes at Sewell’s conservatory. CW’s had his own band Galaxy, performed with Jimi Smooth & the Hittime Band, Jackie Lee’s Posse band (Bill Clinton played with them during his initial campaign), Jimmy Nalls & the Wisemen, Rudy & the Torpedoes and many others in the DMV.  CW regularly performs with the Fantastic Ray Apollo Allen and the Ray Apollo One Band… and now as a Harried American!

Ron Goad – Emcee /Drummer

Ron Goad – Emcee/Percussion
Ron Goad has been a drummer since 1961 and appears on over 75 albums. A retired teacher, he enjoys producing music shows and helping musicians to improve professionally. Ron has served on the boards of several nonprofits and has been awarded six WAMMIEs by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) for “Most Supportive of Washington Music.”

Mark Johnson – Keys

Mark Johnson – Keys/Utility Player
Mark Johnson has been immersed in music since 1972. He plays keyboards, guitar, bass and loves to explore new musical instruments and styles.  He is most often found supporting other musicians in the Washington, DC area through co-writing, recording and live performance.  Recently, Mark collaborated with the Mantua Finials in developing the “Legend of the Bunnyman,” a 3-CD musical story centered on a local urban legend

“It’s a 90 minute, Early Bird, Gen X, Baby Boomer, Smarty-Pants, Loosey-Goosey, Americana Variety Show"